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Magic Use of Copper鈥檚 Chemical Compound

We are familiar with these facts: Copper is the major of various fields. In fact, copper’s chemical compounds also have widely and magic use. Let’s know several kinds among them.

cupric sulfate

We know that copper is the main material of most electrical wires. If we want to ensure the good conductivity of copper, we must guarantee the purity of copper. Then how to remove the impurity in copper? In industry field, the commonly used method is electrolytic method. Here we need copper’s compound: cupric sulfate. Cupric sulfate is one of the most important copper’s chemical compounds. It is a kind of sky blue crystal, which has good sterilizing effect.

Moreover, we also can use cupric sulfate to distinguish whether there is water in organic solution. For example, if we want to know whether ethyl alcohol is mixed with water, we only need put some anhydrous cupric sulfate into alcohol. If the cupric sulfate turns blue, it proves that the alcohol contains water.

Another important copper’s chemical compound is cupric oxide. We know that paste is a frequently-used material. Once our books are broken, we can use paste to restore them. But if we need to connect two pieces of metal, how can we make it? There is a magic metal “paste”. First, we need to heat he mixture of ortho-phosphoric acid and calmogastrin; then put the powder of cupric oxide into the mixture and continuously stir the mixture, finally we get this metal “paste”. In the past, the cutter edge of

lathe tools is welded. The hot welding temperature often reduces the hardness, thus shortening the lifetime of tools. But if we use this metal “paste”, the cutter edge


can be closely connected with the mine body of tools without heating, the lifetime of tools can be doubled.

We see the magic use of copper and its compound, and then we can have a further understanding of the importance of copper. Since copper is non-renewable resource, copper recycling is necessary. Copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine are commonly used machines. 

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