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The Whole Chain of Copper Recycling

Starting a business is not a easy thing. If you want to join the copper wire recycling business, you had better know the whole chain of copper recycling. Every chain greatly influences the success of your business. So what should we know about copper recycling business?

First, we should know where we can get copper. Copper are the most widely-recycled nonferrous metals. The major sources of nonferrous scrap are industrial or new scrap and obsolete scrap. They may generate copper scrap in the process of manufacturing tubing, copper cables, copper household products, etc. Copper can also be recycled from captured particle emissions from metal primary or secondary production facilities.

Then, how to turn those copper scrap into shinning copper granule? All scrap must be prepared and analyzed before processing to alter its shape and size and its purity. At one time, burning of cable to remove the plastic parts was acceptable practice, but this is no longer always possible or desirable. Thus, mechanical dismantling of the cables is common practice through cutting, granulating and use of various metal separation techniques to separate the plastics from the metal. In this process, we can use copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine, which has good effect in this field.

After we get shinning copper granule, how to find the buyer of them? Herein, we need know the usage of copper granule. The people needing them are the people we need. Copper granule is of great value in use. At present, electronic industry has great need for copper granule while the cost of refining copper is too expensive and that of copper recycling is more inexpensive, therefore the supply of copper granule is not adequate to the need. All these predict the good market of copper granule.

Amisy, a reputable manufacturer of copper granulator and wire stripping machine, is devoted to help anyone who has the willing to start his own recycling business. Welcome to visit our website: www.copper-wire-recycling.com